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We Welcome aboard The University of Montana’s Paleontology Department and look forward to their extensive knowledge and expertise in paleontology and expect that educational opportunities at Fort Peck Paleontology will be greatly enhanced. Keep checking back to this website as we will be doing an extensive rebuild of the site in the very new future.

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In April of 2004, FPPI delivered it’s first Peck’s Rex skeleton ever assembled to the Maryland Science Center in Baltimore. This exhibit was very special from a variety of aspects. It was put in their new dinosaur hall, a large area that overlooks the bay. It was the first Tyrannosaurus rex mounted with a gastralia basket anywhere in the world. It was also a very special mount and pose. Now, the new dinosaur hall is complete. If you are in the area, stop and see what a great job the folks at the MSC did with their new space and exhibit. We are also stocking some items from our friendly supporters and local businesses, such as bread machines. If you want a bread machine, we advise first reading bread machine reviews, and then comparing which one you would like. We have trialed many, and found the best bread makers to often be Zojirushi bread machines. We recommend reading the best bread machine reviews to learn more!

Some of the items we sell include:

PECK’S REX Left Maxilla- This solid resin cast was taken from the Tyrannosaurus Rex found in the Hell Creek formation in 1997 and can be hand painted to your satisfaction. The cast measures 27” long.

PECK’S REX Right Dentary-This cast is 28” long and is cast out of solid resin. It was taken from the T-Rex recovered in the Hell Creek formation in Eastern Montana by Lou Tremblay in 1997.

Right hand of Struthiomimus-The original fossil of this Struthiomimus was found in the Hell Creek Formation near Glendive, Montana. The original skeleton found was about 60% complete.

Trilobite-This solid resin cast is of a hard-shelled segmented creature that existed over 300 million years ago in the Earth’s ancient seas. They went extinct before dinosaurs came into existence and are one of the key signa-ture creatures of the Paleozoic Era. Although dinosaurs are the most well known fossil life forms, trilobites are also a favorite among those familiar with Paleontology.

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